My Story

From Vanity to Passion

My story began in vanity more than 35 years ago. I wanted to have a body like a cartoon character; Lionel from the Thunder Cats or He Man. So, when I arrived to my high school to begin summer workouts for football, I was locked in and laser focused. In my three years of high school, I never missed one workout and became a leader in the weight room. By my Junior year, there was only one lineman stronger than me and he weighed 300 pounds. I was a mere 160 pounds. It was in those years that I laid the foundation for my physique and formed the love for strength training/ fitness.

From Football to Fitness

I went away to college to play football but had to cut that dream short, due to medical issues. No longer being able to play football, I turned to natural bodybuilding because I’d already built an above average physique. Bodybuilding was rewarding and fun. I met some awesome people and traveled to great places. Since that time, I’ve served as Fitness Coordinator for the Navy, as a civilian, fitness trainer for the City of Gulfport, MS, fitness trainer for the IP Casino Resort & Spa, and I’ve spent time as strength coach on the high school and collegiate levels. Fortunately, I was able to bring all of my experience together to open The Physique Dr, a personal training boutique for private lessons and a very select membership.

Mastering the Fundamentals

My philosophy is simple: “Be extraordinary in the basic fundamentals.” I believe amazing things are executed by average people that master this concept. Therefore, my training isn’t filled with death-defying feats but consistently maximizing the essentials. I pride myself on treating grandmothers, teachers, plumbers or housewives like celebrities, when they enter my facility. It’s my job to make them feel comfortable in an unfamiliar place undergoing an unfamiliar task. No great thing can be created without a sound base. Be extraordinary. Be consistent. Fitness is not this over complicated chaotic arrangement.

How Can I Help Clients Reach Their Goals? My intensity, attention to detail, by-the-number approach and genuine desire to see people look their best, feel their best and improve their quality of life separates me from the rest. I don’t believe in extreme training or starvation for those wishing to lose weight. There’s a process that I use that is based on percentages. This protects the client from potential injuries and wasted energy. Not to mention, I have more than 25 years of experience in health & fitness. There’s not much I haven’t encountered

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